Better customer service on Pick Axe side

It would be amazing if there was a chat feature that could be implemented to get assistance right away, perhaps a phone number, or an email that could be sent to get a relatively quick response for us little people who have minor issues that are preventing us from going live.

it is disappointing to say the least that you require an allotted 15 minutes a day or two in advance.

hope to see this side of things improve.

seeing several people posting on yalls forum. some from days ago. with no responses at all. thats another feature that is disappointing. be better about responding to those that are paying to use your services.

The fastest way to get a response is usually email us directly at We’re pretty quick to respond there! If you have a simple question, just send it off there. You’ll get a response pretty fast.

The video calls are best if you need more involved help.

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