Bugs from early studio access

Im really loving the new studio feature, just a few notes about some lack of features / bugs

  1. unable to remove users from studio access
  2. email join link doesnt get sent to email
  3. unable to change text colour of GPT inside of the studio. (so for dark backgrounds, you cant see what the GPT is saying)

I apologise if there are solutions to these already and its my own incompetency.

Hi @nwunbound ,

Thank you for your feedback! As an engineer at Pickaxe, I’d like to address your concerns with the following updates:

  1. To remove/delete a user, go to your studio’s management dashboard, select “User Dashboard” within the “Manage Users” section, and click on the email or userId of the specific user you want to remove. A menu will appear, providing the option to “remove” the user.
  2. Inviting members through the share popup will now trigger email notifications.
  3. Pickaxe responses should now be connected to the body text color.

Thanks for getting back to me!

  1. after testing There is now no option to remove the user . Before hand, the pop up all worked fine, but upon confirming removal of the user, it did nothing.

** there is just the option to move them back to guest status. which I suppose does remove them from the user list if the studio is on public. apologies.

  1. Great!

  2. Great! it works now.

I have been emailing mike back and forth in regards to a larger problem im having with the studio. If it doesnt take up too much of your time, do you think you could assist me with it?

No worries at all! you should be able to remove users by clicking on their email or userId.

Feel free to create another bug post about the larger problem you were having, thank you!

Great that works now. However when you click on one user ID, then click on the next to remove 2 sequentially, the initial one doesn’t disappear.

** to clarify, you dont delete the first user, you just click onto the next one

Currently, we do not support multiple user deletions but we’ll keep that in mind for sure, thank you!