How to use image generation feature?

Hello! I saw there was a new image generation feature added and I was wondering how I can properly optimize my tool around this? I want it to be able to draw more realistic photos.

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We’ve actually just overhauled the entire image generation system on Pickaxe. So it should be easier than ever to use.

Chatbots: If you toggle on the “image generation” box in the no-code chatbot builder, the tool will know it has access to image generation. Throughout the conversation if the user is asking for something and uses language that the AI believes is associated with image generation “Draw me a picture”, “generate an image”, “show me a picture”, etc. then it will generate an image.

Forms: Image generation works similarly in forms, but since it is one-shot, if you want it to generate an image, you can write the prompt in such a way where you can guarantee it will generate an image.

Images take a litle time to render, so be patient!

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