Markdown not available in the footer

Hi there,
I’m playing around with Pickaxe and wanted to add some Links in the footer like impress, contact or terms. I think markdown is not allowed in the footer? Is there a reason for this?
Best, Daniel


Hey Daniel, the footer is one part of the studio that is not customizable. You can toggle it “off” though. We are toeing the line between adding a little customizability to your studio with a webpage and not becoming a full website builder. This is one of the places where we drew the line.

Hi @mikegioia,

Pickaxe is absolutely great and I hope you keep investigating in it.

I build a studio here: Racing-School

As you can see, I edited the footer, but I couldn’t set links.

I’m not a lawyer, but to run a studio in the European Union I need a footer with editable links on each page of the site. Maybe better prebuild sites with the documents or empty pages for this.

The more there should be a possibility to disable the Google-Cookies or better run completely without them.

Best from Germany, Daniel