The Key to Explosive Growth: A Lifetime Recurring Affiliate Program!

I’m presuming the affiliate program commission is lifetime recurring?

The affiliate earnings are one-time payments. For example, if someone signs up for an annual plan using your affiliate link you will earn $45. You can learn more about at the affiliate page.

Too bad. Could you offer a lower reward but make it so it rewards it when people stay longterm? Then I can teach courses and so on and make sure they get use out of it.

Right now you are encouraging influencers to say things like - cancel the moment you don’t like it. And don’t encourage continous support from the affiliate.

There is a reason almost all recurring software products also pay their affiliates recurring. Please atleast bring that up and reconsider.
Thank you.

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You make a good point. We will definitely consider this idea. For the moment though, the affiliate system is built as a one-time reward system.