Uploading Tokens DOES NOT use credits (An explanation)

Multiple users have asked about this topic, so I wanted to create a post about it in case other users are wondering.

Does it cost credits to upload documents or websites to the knowledge base of a tool?

No. All knowledge base operations DO NOT cost any credits. Pickaxe covers all document related AI costs for free. The only thing that costs credits when the AI generates a response.

A longer explanation:
Let’s explore the longer explanation by way of an example. In this example, let’s someone is building a Pickaxe chatbot that generates recipes from ingredients. And let’s say the builder has loaded Chef Pierre Razón’s famous cookbook into the knowledge base.

  • Uploading the 226 page book is totally free.
  • When a user chats with the tool and says they have pork shoulder and oyster mushrooms, the tool would quickly search Pierre Razon’s cookbook and grab 3000 tokens of relevant information to look at. This search operation is totally free.
  • Then the 3000 tokens are inserted at the end of the tool’s context window for the tool to glance over and use to inform its answer. These tokens would be included in prompt input tokens.
  • The tool looks at the extracted tokens, thinks of a response, and then generates it for the user. This entire operation would be 1 credit because the AI generated 1 response.

For a more detailed explanation of how the document interrogation system works, you can read this explanation of the ins and outs of building a document-based chatbot.

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