User Story Formatted Feature Request Form: "Optimize the Runway"

As a product manager, I want to request a “feature request form” formatted in user stories, so that I can quickly input new requests without overthinking.

  1. As a [type of user]
  2. I want to [do something]
  3. so that I can [achieve a goal].

Hey Aloha, I’m not sure I entirely catch your drift. You want a feature request form in your Pickaxe so your customers can request features? Or you want a feature request in the Pickaxe website so you can request features?


Introducing a User Story formatted bug report/feature request form for Pickaxe would be beneficial.

This format would streamline submissions, making them more appealing to engineers.

While this Discourse community is great, a dedicated form promoting clear and concise communication would enhance the process. Especially for Pickaxe clients not using Discourse.

One step at a time. Agree though!