Ability to execute python script within chat

Hello I’m knew to Pickaxe just started playing with it today. I could not find any documentation on functionality if we were to upgrade and use our own api keys. Does anyone know if you can execute a simple python script within the chat if we were using our own api keys and gpt 4o for example? I was playing around and made a custom gpt on open ai that runs a simple script to analyze and sort data set (fantasy golf salaries and metrics) and provides a optimized lineup. Is this something that would be possible to make in Pickaxe? Or is there a way to call an open ai assistant to do it if i upgrade my plan. This is what I was messing around with thatI would like to try create on the Pickaxe platform - ChatGPT - DFS Golf Lineup Engine

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Hi. To answer your questions:

API Keys: you can add your own API key. On the control panel of each tool there is a place to enter an API key, however this functionality is restricted to Gold users.

Running Python Scripts: You cannot run python scripts within a tool. However, if you want to hit a simple API endpoint in the tool (like get weather data, or to sort and return data) that is possible. We have a beta program and are integrating API actions into select tools. Just email us at info@pickaxeproject.com if you’re interested in that.