Alternate Models & API Keys (Gemini, Azure OpenAI keys)

Currently we support a selection of OpenAI models, Mistral models, & Anthropic models (aka, Claude). You can find the models we support in the model dropdown of the builder page:

We don’t currently support Gemini, nor do we currently support Microsoft Azure OpenAI keys.

We may add these in the future, but for the present moment we haven’t had enough demand.

Thanks for your reply.

Microsoft has a Microsoft Founders Program that many people use. They give a lot of credits for founders, credits that can be spent on Azure OpenAI - thousands of dollars. I will be using it at least for the next 2-3 years, and I really need this integration.

Using OpenAI key means paying out of pocket (limited 3.5). Using Azure key meaning using free credits, therefore I can hook up unlimited GPT-4 models.

Please implement this integration, I bet more people will find it useful.