API from elsewhere

Is it possible to use an API for a language model that is not from OpenAI, or will it ever be?

We are planning to add the following models soon:

  • Mistral
  • Claude

Are there other models you would like to see?

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Gemini is the one i wanted to add the most, but i also would say claude as well so thats cool to see that you want to add claude. i havent used mistral a ton but that one is cool too. it’s just that tbh GPT is like the least engaging LLM of all the ones available these days, thats just my subjective opinion tho

I’ve been using Mistral. Really great addition to the platform!

We will soon release Mistral as an option for chatbots as well. Pickaxe is set up to become a model agnostic platform in the near future, so you will be able to swap different LLMs into different tools easily.

Step by step though.


Im most intrested in more abilities. If more LLMs means more abilities, for example analyzing images or turning audio into text, that’s really good. if not its no use I think…

@tobyai - how have you used Mistral? I put in my key for it and it isnt’t working.