📣 Announcement: Automatic AI Builder for Faster Prompt Writing

We released a new feature over the weekend that may help anyone who struggles with writing prompts. At the end of the day, prompts are just instructions for a machine to read. There is no secret to writing good prompts. No magic words that will unlock hidden model capabilities. The more specific and detailed your prompt is, the better. But this is a lot of work. And we want to make it faster you.

We released an Automatic AI Tool Builder. This is a chatbot that will briefly interview you about the tool you want to build (no more than 3 questions), then generate the Pickaxe prompt for it. You will have a chance to iterate on the prompt concept if you wish. When it is done, it will provide a button that goes to the builder page pre-loaded with the new prompt inside it.

We consider these generated prompts 90% complete. Serious users will want to edit them in the builder. But the generation should save a lot of time!