Bot Image Uploaded, But Not Showing

Hi. Although I uploaded an image to the bot to display, it is still loading with the default stock image. Is this a paid feature only?


Just to help me understand better, are you talking about the top image (the cover image) or the chat icon?

Sometimes changing the picture can take a minute to reflect, but it should never take more than a minute. Are you still seeing the default image?

Hey, Nathaniel… sorry for the delayed reply; been multitasking all over the place. The profile image ended up working, not sure what the delay was. However, another question that came up is whether the studio version of a pickaxe project is embeddable. It seems that it is, however, the page loads with a signin wall, which doesn’t work when embedded. I’m also a bit confused as to the case use for the studio. Is it more like a landing page where users can select a bot? I like the controls it offers on usage which is great. Do these extend to each of the bots individually as well. Also, I’m not clear on whether the usage count for testing also applies to bots when used in beta studio. Can you say more? Look forward to learning more!

The studio is not embeddable. However, you can set a custom domain!