Chat can't take two uploaded files

I created a cover letter writer chatbot that takes both the resume file and job description file. However, when the output was generated, it seems only the resume file was taken. The cover letter put placeholder strings where the hiring company’s and job’s information should have been filed in. I also tried using the form based tool and the result was the same. It seemed to have worked in the test mode one time. But the production level bot didn’t work at all. I left the bot for you the try out. Let me know if you find anything wrong. Thanks.

If you are uploading documents in the no-code builder, you can upload as many documents as you want. If your tool utilizes the end-user upload feature, then users can only upload one document into it.

It sounds like you have a use case where you want end-users to be able to upload multiple documents?

That’s correct. Sounds like that’s a limitation that I have to work with now. it would be nice to allow user to upload more than 1 file.