How do I make a chatbot where users upload their own documents?

I am creating a chatbot to put on my website, and I want users to be able to upload their own documents to it. I think implementing this would substantially enhance the chatbot’s conversations with users.

I’m aware I can upload my own knowledge files to the bot, but I don’t see an option enabling users to do that within the Pickaxe chatbot builder. If this feature exists and I’m just missing something, please let me know!

To create a chatbot trained on documents is pretty easy. By uploading a document, your chatbot will break it into multiple little “chunks” that it will look at before answering any questions. We actually wrote an entire guide about best practices in writing prompts around document-based chatbots. Interesting for a deep-dive, but I’ll cut to the chase here.

You can upload documents in a chatbot by…

  • Just go to the chatbot builder.

  • Scroll down to the “Knowledge Base” section (see screenshot)

  • Upload as the relevant document(s).