Image generation option won't stay checked

On the Pickaxe Gold plan running GTP 4 and the “Image Generation” box won’t stay ticked on my bot.

same - was hopeful that there would be a response since its been 3 days from when you posted. have you figured out why its doing this?

Still having the same issue.
@mikegioia any idea?

Asking @mikegioia once again regarding this.
Here is a Loom I created: Understanding Image Generation in Chatbots | Loom

I understand the team is small, however, if you are able to create new features for you to monetize on, the least you could do is reinvest in customer support.

It’s been 17 days since I submitted this bug and nobody has responded besides another user claiming they have the same issue.

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Hi guys,

We pushed a fix for this issue a few days ago! Let us know if it’s not fixed :+1: