Reloads conversation after the page is reloaded

I understand that this bot is not perfect, but whenever the page is reloaded or another page of my site is clicked on, the entire conversation that was there is comepletly gone. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Hey sushik, are you talking about an embedded Pickaxe or a Pickaxe page on

I’ll briefly describe how each works.

On website
For a chat on the Pickaxe website, each conversation has a tool id and chat id. If you reload the same exact chat id, the same conversation will load. If you change a single character in it, it will load a totally new chat. This is how our system keeps track of conversations. In the screenshot below I’ve highlighted the chat id.

Embedded Pickaxes
There is not a way to reload conversations via embeds. This is because embedded pickaxes do not have a way to track user sessions. However there is a solution we released via our Studio product.

Pickaxes in Studios
If you publish a Pickaxe in a Studio, we are able to track user sessions. All conversations are kept in the left-hand nav bar. So a user can click on a tool and access any chat.