Add bot ability to email conversation

It would be great if we could have the ability for our chat-bot to email the conversation once it’s finished to a specific email.
Chat bot asks questions to our customer.
Customer responds.
Back and forth conversation happens.
Customer is satisfied (or not) with conversation.
Chat bot then asks if they’d like to have the conversation emailed to (email address).
Customer responds “yes” or “no”
The answer determines whether the conversation is emailed or not.

Or, a way for the customer to “save” their conversation and email it themselves to us if necessary.

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Great suggestion! You are not the first to request this. We have been disussing this. We built it for one enterprise client actually.

How would you want to determine when a conversation is “finished”? A timer for inactivity over an hour? A question from the bot? This is a tricky thing to standardize for all use cases. It sounds like you would like the chatbot to make a judgment call as to when the task is finished and then ask?

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I think the easiest way to accomplish this would have the bot prompt the user.
"When you are satisfied with the results, just say, ‘I’m done’ " or something to that effect.

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How about an automatic email to someone who signs up?!

When users sign up for your studio, they do receive a welcome/confirmation email. However, it is addressed as from Pickaxe which is something we are currently changing.

When users sign up for my studio, they do … …NOT … … … receive a welcome/confirmation email.