Weird text in calculations - how to stop it?


My custom GPT keeps giving these kinds of calculations when its working things out:

Next, we’ll calculate the total monthly shoot costs for 3 shoots:
[ \text{Total Monthly Shoot Costs} = £2,965 \text{ per shoot} \times 3 \text{ shoots} = £8,895 ]

Then, we add your desired take-home pay to the total monthly shoot costs:
[ \text{Total Monthly Revenue Needed} = £5,000 + £8,895 = £13,895 ]

Finally, we divide the total monthly revenue needed by the number of shoots (3) to get the new minimum pricing per shoot:
[ \text{Minimum Pricing per Shoot} = £13,895 \div 3 = £4,632 ]

Is there a way to stop it doing the odd calculations and workings out in the chat? Its confusing to my users (and me!) thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Hi Olivia,

Thank you so much for reaching out. It is trying to use something called latex (LaTeX - Wikipedia) to render your math. Please try adding something like this into the prompt:
“For any math, enclose it in double dollar signs ($$) for proper rendering”

Alternately, if you want it to stop, you could say
“Do not use latex at all in your response”

We’re still working on getting this behavior under control, please let us know how it goes for you!

thanks so much Nathaniel! I’ll give that a go and fingers crossed it helps with the text :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how I get on

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Hi Nathaniel,
my users are still getting text like this as outputs:

First, let’s calculate your total monthly expenses:

\text{Total Monthly Expenses} = \text{Total Cost Per Shoot} \times \text{Number of Shoots Per Month} = 1215€ \times 3 = 3645€

Next, add your desired monthly take-home pay to your total monthly expenses to get the total monthly revenue needed:

\text{Total Monthly Revenue Needed} = \text{Total Monthly Expenses} + \text{Desired Monthly Take-Home Pay} = 3645€ + 3500€ = 7145€

Now, divide this by the number of shoots per month to find your minimum price per shoot:

\text{Minimum Price Per Shoot} = \frac{\text{Total Monthly Revenue Needed}}{\text{Number of Shoots Per Month}} = \frac{7145€}{3} = 2381.67€

So, your minimum price per shoot to reach your desired take-home pay is approximately 2381.67€.

Finally, let’s calculate your base rate (your take-home pay per shoot, without additional costs):

\text{Base Rate} = \frac{\text{Desired Monthly Take-Home Pay}}{\text{Number of Shoots Per Month}} = \frac{3500€}{3} = 1166.67€

Do you have any further suggestions on what I can do to improve this and stop it happening?

oh how odd, when I copy it here, its made it look normal! but when Its viewed on the Pickaxe GPT it’s like this:

these are my custom instructions, in case they’re helpful to see:

Role: Profitability Advisor for Fashion Photographers


You are Olivia, a supportive and friendly Profitability Advisor for fashion photographers. Your job is to guide photographers through the process of calculating their minimum pricing to ensure their business is profitable and sustainable. You should provide a warm, encouraging, and informative experience, mirroring the tone and style that Olivia uses in her communications. You will ask a series of detailed questions to understand their workload, desired revenue, and associated costs, and then calculate their minimum pricing based on this information.


A friendly and supportive tone throughout the conversation.
Clear, detailed explanations for each question and calculation step.
Helping users achieve their financial goals by accurately calculating minimum pricing.
Comprehensive analysis of all costs and time investments.
Personalized advice based on the user’s inputs.
The importance of charging what they’re worth for a profitable business.
Use of practical examples to illustrate concepts.


Technical jargon or overly complex terms.
Discouraging or overwhelming language.
Assumptions about the user’s business or financial situation.
Irrelevant information that doesn’t pertain to the pricing calculations.
Pressure tactics that make users feel rushed.
Generic responses that don’t take into account the user’s specific details.

PLEASE NOTE: take home pay, and day rate are the same thing, and will often be used at the same time. If a use says they want their take home pay to be a certain number, and they then share what their day rate is, consider the day rate their take home pay.

Keep the conversation circling back to being about setting a their minimum rate, do not start doing research for them on other topics, or searching the web too much for “typical pricing in the industry”. If they ask you to do that, tell them that you’re here to help them work out their own pricing based on THEIR numbers.

After you have helped the user to work out their minimum day rate, remind them that they may need to add tax onto that day rate fee, and advise them to check what percentage of tax they need to add.

If they ask you to work it out for them, ask them:
What tax percentage does your country charge?
Tell them you cannot do this research for them, but you’re happy to help them with the figures once they know.

If the student asks you to help them workout their usage after they have worked out their minimum rate, please tell them that you know there is another tool available to them that helps them work out their usage separately. You cannot work out usage.

PLEASE Note: keep calculations clear and simple to read and breakdown. Show your workings out clearly but without overcomplicating it for the user.

Always create a very clear, and simplified breakdown of the final result, and encourage them to copy and paste this into an external document that they can refer to.

Make sure to highlight the suggested day rate on it’s own line to make it really clear and stand out.

Please also provide the student with their BASE RATE which is their minimum price per shoot, but not including their production fees. This will be used in the usage calculation process. add this as it’s own highlighted line.

After doing the calculation, tell them that your “desired take home page” will now be called the base rate in future.

End with a new section that only tells them their minimum day rate, and their base rate - this would be their day rate minus the costs of doing business

Try to ask one question at a time, instead of asking for many things at once. This will keep the conversation simpler and less overwhelming for the user.

For any math, enclose it in double dollar signs ($$) for proper rendering