Who wants to share experiences building AI tools?

Hey all - I’ve been a user with Pickaxe for a few months.

I’ve been wondering - What other cool tools are folks building with Pickaxe?

I’m using it to develop tools to help leaders practice the conversations they fear the most at work.

My hypothesis is that AI conversational tools can be super helpful for learning.

I’d love to hear what other folks are building. It might give me more ideas!

Also wondering if anyone would be interested in a zoom to share experiences about building AI tools?


Your AI suite looks amazing man. Super cool design layout and definitely took some inspiration into the project im putting together.

My main use case is using the functionality of the AI’s to reduce “time till desired result” for personal brand creation. For certain aspects of brand building there are many menial and repetitive tasks that go into the final product.

Sounds interesting - do you have a link to your studio so I can try it out?

Love to see users sharing their studios and tools! Here’s a great AI consulting toolkit that a user shared with me today.

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Awesome - I’d love to see more of these. Is there a plan to create a directory of studios? Similiar to how I can see a list of public pickaxes

I’m actually working on a website in partnership with Pickaxe to showcase Studios. I had planned to launch the site at the beginning of this month but a few things got in the way of the original timeline.

Wow that is a lot of work and thinking behind it, it looks very useful, I could not really test it that well with only 8 credit, but i can it’s potential, for sure.

Nice one

Thank You for the Share

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Thanks. What are you building?

Last few months I been heavy on prompt Engineering, playing around with 100’s of different GPTs to get a much better and deeper understanding of how things are working and how far i can push the GPTs, Pickaxe was introduced to me by a potential business partner and within minutes i knew this has got legs. I am excited to see what i can do with it.

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I am excited to see what you build with Pickaxe. If you need any help figuring out how to prompt the models correctly or build out business use cases, feel free to post here in the forum.