3 bugs: bot writes code and ends with spamming words and signs and will mistake answers for uploads

I’ve encountered a few issues with my danish tutor both embedded and via direct pickaxe link (Sorry, screenshots in Danish)

  1. After a longer session it would start wrinting fractions as: [ x = \frac{7}{2} ] and doing it consistently for the rest of the chat. (Screenshot 1)

  2. Short replies like yes or no can trigger the bot replying to an upload of text that never happened like: You uploaded i large amount of text concerning… (Screenshot 1)

  3. The tutor will sometimes end by spamming signs like , og as sees in Screenshot 2 short words like og og og og og og etc.

Any ideas to remedy these issues?

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Can you share the formid of the tool where you are experiencing these problems?

Sorry for not getting back sooner, but not sure what ‘formid’ is? :slight_smile:

Oh just the the url of the pickaxe tool is fine. It contains the formid.

Here you go