Some bugs I've noticed - Form based pickaxe

  1. Give people the option to upload content. In the form, it isn’t possible to submit unless content is uploaded i.e. it seems to be not optional.

  2. After the initial form output, the button to continue to chat is tiny and easily missed. I had to train the Ai to point it out.

  3. When it produces it’s response the window scrolls up to the top (may be related to a popup). I then have to scroll back down to the bottom.

Further to point 2, I think that if you’ve selected the option on a form-based pickaxe that chat should be allowed, then the default should be that it shows chat bar or says would you like to continue discussion [yes/no]

Hi dom, these are less bugs than design choices, albeit perhaps flawed ones! Thank you for pointing them out.

End-User Document Upload - If you enable end user document upload on a form-based tool it is indeed required to proceed. If you enable it on a chatbot, it is not required.

Go to chat button - We’ve often heard this button is too small. We’re trying to strike a careful balance. I wonder if you have an idea for a better icon to communicate opening up chat? Your idea to automaticaly dump people into a chat is something we’ve considered. We may end up doing it!

*Auto-scroll - This feature is intended to help users read their response by scrolling up to the top when it finishes generating. But we understand that sometimes it has the opposite effect.