Auto-Scroll to Generated Content on Form Submission

  1. As a user submitting a form
  2. I want the screen to automatically scroll to display the content generated below the fold upon submission
  3. So that I can immediately see that my action has triggered a response without having to manually scroll down to discover it.

Currently, after submitting the form, the content generated appears below the fold without any visual cue, and with only the submit button spinning, users mistakenly believe the process has failed, not realizing they need to scroll down to see the generated content.

Here’s my live example:

A quick “hack” could be post-submission the button says “Scroll down to see results” or something like that. But ideally, the screen should automatically follow the output.

Right now the form is such an amazing addition to Pickaxe, but every time I show someone, they say “it’s not working,” even though it is, it’s just generating content below the fold.

Update to this:

My immediate fix is to only have max 2 inputs (which is a shame), but at least when users click “Submit” the content is generated above the fold.

  1. Does anyone have a fix?
  2. Is it on my side or Pickaxes side?

I have lots of forms I’d like to add, but until the screen follows Form-generated content, I have to use only two inputs.

Another temporary “hack” would be to have the Submit Button change to “Scroll Down” while it’s generating/spinning.

I’d love any input, because I’m really bottlenecked because users really don’t know that content is being generated below the fold and they just think it’s spinning/broken.


We have just deployed a fix (we think) for this problem! Please test it out and let us know how it works for you, and that there’s no unexpected behavior!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Wow, thanks for such quick response.

It may have caused another issue (I’m not sure if it’s related or not but the timing seems to be):

Right now on mobile, upon first load, the form shoots to the top! And then to recover it, I must click on the hamburger menu and the form returns.

Could that be related to the update? I haven’t changed anything on my side, but I noticed that it now has that issue.

This is my page that seems to be effected by the new update, but ONLY on mobile:

Thanks for looking into this!

Ah ha! I was worried about this problem. It is probably related.

We’ll roll back the fix and take another look, thank you for letting us know and we expect to have this resolved soon!

Thank you & the team so much. It means a lot.

We’re having so much fun building with Pickaxe and we’re so excited for you to see what we’re about to do with it.

Thanks for your hard work!

Ok! Please try again and let me know if the issue is now solved!

Thank you so much, but it’s still glitching/stuttering on mobile.

It only occurs on mobile, so I can tell.

Can we implement bug fixes on a test environment first and only deploy them to the live version after they’ve been verified? Additionally, is there a way to receive notifications before a new fix is implemented live?

I appreciate your prompt response to addressing bugs and your efficiency in working towards a solution. However, I encountered an awkward situation while presenting to investors yesterday due to glitches that are still present. It had worked prior to my meeting, and then during my show and tell it didn’t work (which is it’s current state.)

Would you recommend refraining from using the forms for the time being?

I’m meeting with Make a Wish Foundation, Hawaiian Airlines, and some other big partners and I’m now scared to show it or plan a meeting, because I don’t know what state the form output will be in.

What would you recommend?

I wish we could revert to the original state right now, because it was at least presentable.

After reviewing the new auto-scroll feature on mobile, which stutters as it tries to stay with the newest outputted content, and comparing it to ChatGPT mobile, I think there’s a middle path worth considering.

Instead of auto-scrolling through all output after form submission, we should only subtly shift the view to indicate new content is available. This avoids the issue of users having to scroll back up to start reading and prevents confusion when the form takes up the whole screen and new content appears out of view.

Essentially, mimicking ChatGPT’s method of slightly moving the screen down post-submission offers a clear signal of new content without moving users away from the start of the output.

Thanks so much for looking into this. It’s a major part of our business and I’m excited to see it work. The Form + AI output incredibly exciting for our work, because our Users often don’t know what to “chat” about in the chat, but giving them simple inputs designed to generate the highest value output for them is incredible.

Thanks again.

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We’re made some further improvements, in line with your requests. Are things working better now?


Thank you, much better!

It still ends on an empty area, and then I have to scroll (only on mobile,) but it’s a lot better. It’s usable now, so thank you!

For this, on mobile, does it end on the last output, or below the last output?