Best way to resell widgets

Hi, I’m creating a widget to be loaded onto web pages by users of a community. I want to make sure that (a) I cover any costs I may incur and (b) unlimited use doesn’t cause an issue.

It will be used by members to ask specific questions of their audience and create text for a document. There are a limited number of questions (20 at the moment), but could increase. Some users will possibly want modifications, their colours, etc. so could easily be multiple tiers.

I am happy for them to re-use on as many sites as they want, hence the question about the useage.

Any ideas?

PS - I have added an api key to the pickaxe concerned, but want to make sure I am not going to end up paying for everyone else to use this.
PSS - Is there a way of me stopping them from simply sharing this with anyone/everyone else?

I have already raised a similar question to the Pickaxe team.

I want to build pickaxes for people/companies and then resell them.

In addition to the examples you shared, privacy and data is a concern for my customers. I don’t really want to have access to the conversations they have through the pickaxe.

In summary, I want to create/develop the pickaxe then “transfer” ownership.

Notion has a similar capability where users can “duplicate” a notion project into their own account. This means creators can resell their notion templates.

Sounds like you want to do the same?

Any update from the Pickaxe team on if this kind of capability is on roadmap?

Currently you cannot resell any entire studio or tools through Pickaxe. If you want to do that, you need to sell it un-officially (i.e. sell the account to someone). We have seen two customers actually build tool suites, associated websites, and then sell the entire thing to a third-party as if it were a company. They did that off the platform.

If you need help doing this, we can help within reason. Our main priority is to help customers start successful GPT-businesses. We just don’t have a self-serve option to do this easily.

In the future, we may add functionality to sell tools/studios through an agency model. However, we have a lot of features + functionality to cover before then.

Thanks Mike. Ok. That limits income potential from this to
a) benefits to the person/company that subscribes to you
b) the revenue from selling chats used in the Pickaxes shared with others

Is that correct? Or, am I missing something.

As I see it, I share the Pickaxe Studios with others, and earn from them buying chats to ise my Pickaxe. So, maybe give 10 free chats, then charge a fee for additional uses.

Not got a problem with this, just checking my understanding is right.

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