Can Pickaxe Be Used to Recreate This?

This is essentially what I am hoping to be able to recreate. Is this possible with PickAxe?


What I understand you’re asking is for integrations with your tools? Ability to make calendar appointments, access APIs, connect with Zapier, etc.?

Currently, Pickaxe does not offer these types of integrations. You can expect to see some in the 2-4 months.

It would be helpful to hear which integrations/abilities you’re most interested in. Please post them in this thread. We will take them into consideration.


@mikegioia well done guys for what you have developed so far.

It would be great to use the data generated to trigger other actions automatically. I think the integration with Zapier and Make would be important. The first step could be as simple as sending a webhook as they both manage them.

Also I’d love to see the option to escalate the conversation to a real person if need be.

As the planning ans scheduling software I’ve been selling for 14 years now includes we hooks and json integrations, this would be an amazing addition.

Not sure how yet, but will give this some thought.