Does this embed into Skool or Hearbeat?

Hi all,

Excited to play around with this, but wondering if it integrates into communities like Skool or Hearbeat?

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Since Hormozi invested in Skool, they have been making some very cool updates. However, the ability to embed is still in Feature Request mode.

Embed the iframe into page that you can control using Zapier.
Once the user’s member request is accepted, the Zap can trigger access to the HTML friendly site.



Thank you.

Another dumb question (if I may)… wondering if these bots can be used as a replacement to lead gen forms and if so, how or where is the user data stored?

Can it be sent to Google Sheets or integrate directly with CRM’s?

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I know from experience that @mikegioia and the team are very open to suggestions and have made some big improvements in usability, Studio(!!) and they have a huge list of features they are working on in the background to integrate when stable enough.

If AI is going to be a huge part of our lives, I’m glad Pickaxe is here to help simplify it :slight_smile:

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Yeah, this stuff is exciting, but definitely a bit overwhelming.

Basically, I’d love it if this could just replace like a full time chat type sales and support person trained on my knowledge.