How to show prices in currency other than dollars

Currently, I only see an option to show prices in dollars. How do we change to allow other currencies, eg £

Hi @surfer,

Unfortunately, displaying prices in other currencies, such as pounds (£), is not available at the moment.

First off LOVE the platform.
Second any idea when this will appear?

Hi, this is not super hard to do. Would you say this is a major blocker to you successfully earning money through your AI Studio and selling tools? If so, we will consider adding it help you.

Hi thanks for your reply. to answer the question - no it is not a super blocker. It is more a question of acknowledging the importance of customer confidence. If people see that they are paying in a currency that they know and understand that increases their confidence… Is that lack of confidence a super blocker? No it is not but it is an important detail and I suppose ultimately it is building on these details that will attract customers, because if only one customer is put off that is one too many. And honestly Pickaxe is just too good a product not to address these details.


Yes I need it. Or I have to sell it on my website academy LMS
I have Paypal and Stripe in Euro and everything translated in french.
For professional client it’s necessary