Initial Chatbot Welcome Text loads with animated text stream

1. As a: user experience designer
2. I want: the chat app to display the default chatbot text in a typing animation upon first load
3. So that: it feels like the chatbot is actively initiating a conversation with the user.

See Shopify’s Help Center ON DESKTOP for reference:

As soon as the page loads, the ChatBot’s default message is typed out in real-time rather than being preloaded, creating a more engaging experience.

Currently that functionality is not supported. This is a good feature request. To understand better, you want the pre-written greeting message to stream like it’s initiating the conversation? Or the chatbot to generate a new greeting message every time based on its instructions?

Thank’s for the response!

Yes to “pre-written greeting message…”
No to " generate a new greeting message…" (but fun idea!)

It’s an engaging warm welcome when it starts typing upon first load.

Like having your own friendly, proactive 5 star concierge, rather than just someone waiting at an information booth for you to come to them.

Or like when someone gets up to greet you when you walk in a room, rather than not getting up to shake your hand until you do first.

ChatBots are already polite, let’s give them class!

It would be a nice on/off toggle.