Introduction of Aion - our CEO assistant

Hi all,
I’m Sven, entrepreneur, strategy consultant, and author. One of my companies is Rocket Routine that I founded two years ago. Rocket Routine is a software for company managment, strategy, and goals (

Just recently we released Aion - a CEO assistant - based on pickaxe Studio (

Aion is a strategy expert and you can discuss any business related topic with her. In the studio you find lots of pickaxes that cover topics like mission, vision, values, strategies, goals, market, and much more.
We will enhance it step by step with more pickaxes and more topics like quality management, sustainability, productivity, …

In my strategy consulting business I always see the bottleneck in strategic planning in the companies, very often the CEO works “in the company and not on the company”. There is not enough time to develop the company because the daily business is so demanding.

With Aion you can work on all the important topics a lot faster and more efficient which helps you to guide your business in the right direction.

Feel free to try it out, you feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Thanks for sharing Sven! It’s a very nicely laid out studio. My first interaction with the chat tool was a bit strange. Didn’t respond well to me saying hi.

My biggest challenge a the moment is converting guests into sign ups. I’m seeing a big drop off when free credits run out. People are reluctant to create accounts it seems. Might be that my product doesn’t have compelling value. But I think the signup flow could maybe be better.

Curious to hear how yours goes!

Hi Toby,
thanks for the feedback. I have experienced this problem myself and I have no idea yet, why that happens?!?

My signup rate is currently 10% for the German and 6% for the English version but there is no conversion from member to paying yet…


Interested to hear your suggestions for an improved sign-up flow. We are redesigning the sales pages and several other things. Customer feedback will be especially impactful right now.

Hi Mike,

here are some ideas:

I would think that it should be possible that we add an “Upgrade” button to the header (top right, for example) which is always visible.

Show an upgrade button in the sidebar at the bottom directly at the number of uses.

We have set up a newsletter for all members that we use to send them information about new features / tools. etc.

Add a function that we can create user notifications that popup when a user logs in.

If we can design the Sales Page in a similar way like on the website and show not only the tiers but also the functions you get with a tier, that would probably help as well. See the following example:

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