Pickaxe Studio Breakdown

Hey Community!
I wanted to create this post as I think it would help all of us Pickaxers out in terms of the studio feature set.

Public/Invite Only:
Public studios: Are studios that people can come across organically and don’t need special access to find. Similar to youtube videos you find on the homepage.

Invite only Studios: These are similar to unlisted youtube videos, where you need to send/share your unique link in order for people to access your Studio. You would typically use this if you already have a following and moving from a different platform.

Setting Up Stripe
You first need to access your Studio dashboard/settings page. From here you click access and under Payment Settings you will see Go to stripe dashboard from here you login or create an account, add your bank info and boom! You have now linked your payment portal.

Using Different Languages
Yes you can use different languages on Pickaxe, LLMs have the capability to interpret and output answers in different languages. You just need to go into your individual pickaxe prompt and tell it to output answers in a specified language.

To translate the studio, as far as I know for now, you can have almost everything in the Studio to be in a different language you just need to copy and paste or write out the text in that language. And once you save the studio it will stay in that language!