Prompt runs per user: custom message when limit has been reached and reset after x hours?

Is there any way to send a custom message once the “prompt runs per user” limit has been reached?

For example: I want to give users a free sample of our chatbot without login but limit this to 5 messages. Once they have reached this limit I want to display a upsell-message to the membership with the full access.

And is there any way to reset the limit per IP address after X hours? (where X can be defined)
That would be a great feature to make sure users are not overusing or spamming it (and burn through our credits).
This would also allow us to offer multiple tiers: standard with e.g. 20 messages per 24 hours and premium with 100 messages per 24 hours and a unlimited plan. (using duplicated pickaxes and display them depending on the user category on our site)

Great questions!

Currently the answer to your first question is no for embeds, but we plan to add this feature in the next few weeks.

However, if you’re looking to upsell, you can currently do that if your Pickaxe is being used in a studio, which we’re launching this upcoming week.

As for your second question about reseting limits after X hours, this is also something we’re planning on adding, but we don’t currently have it. The current limit is monthly.

However, if you’re interested in multiple user tiers, we do offer that functionality in the studio product.