Usage Limits a Bit Blurry

I’d like to have a bit more clarity on the usage limit function. I understand that the limit applies per user, but I couldn’t find anything on how or when that limit refreshes for a user. In other words, if a user engages a chat bot and reaches the limit, do they simply refresh the page to start again, or do they have to come back the next day, next hour?`The concern about this stems from the possibility of one or two people use the chat bot over and over simply by starting over or refreshing the page, and at the same time quickly running 90% of my token meter in a short period of time.

Usage limits work on a 30-day basis. Uses generate individually every 30 days. Let’s say you put a limit of 25 uses on a tool. If someone exhausts all 25 of their uses in one day, they will get get another 25 in 30 days. However if they use one use each day for 25, days, each individual use will replenish within 30 days.

The way we limit usages on AI tools embedded on a page is via IP address. If a user runs out of uses on your webpage, they cannot refresh and keep using it. They would have to go to a bit of difficulty (i.e. launch a VPN or use it through a proxy). However, if you launch your tool in a studio, you can control usage much more granularity.