Save user input for multiple Pickaxes in a studio

Pickaxes in a studio are related and typically use the same user information across pickaxes. Having users enter their information each time they use a different pickaxe is quite cumbersome. Either have a way for user to enter more profile information that can be use in the pickaxes, or have a way to save the user input and reuse them in another pickaxe will be tremendous.

If this is not possible in the Studio. I would like to have a way to pass user input information to the embedded app. I can query and store user information in my own application. But having the user enter the same information again in the pickaxe seems disjoint and unnecessary.

Basically, I want to build a dynamic RAG to store user information not at the time of pickaxe creation but at run time.


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We are designing a system for “User Profiles” right now which is an attempt to do this. If you’re up for it, you should schedule a user feedback call with our designer. He is actively designing this feature and looking for user insight.

Cool. I will absolutely do that.

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Thanks for offering your feedback! Our designer will appreciate it. Don’t hesitate to speak your mind!

I scheduled a meeting, but at the time of the meeting, no one from PickAxe joined the meeting. So that was a waste of time.