Searching the internet with Pickaxe

We’ve gotten a number of questions about our awesome native web search capabilities, so I thought I’d give a little explanation. Simply check the web browsing box in the builder, and search will be enabled!
Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 10.22.15 AM

Now your bot should be able to browse the internet! In your prompt, you can give it all kinds of instructions about how or when to do this. Give it a try!

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I’m a new user and wrote a prompt calling for the AI to list several clickable web links as resources for the rest of the output. The links it produced were not real. So I rewrote that to tell it to “list several actual and clickable web links that you find by browsing the web.” That produced real links.


If I tell the bot to go to a url it should go to it then?

This is a fantastic anecdote of how to use web-browsing to improve results. You’re right on the money to suggest that giving the AI chatbot extra instructions will improve its behavior!