Studio - Social Media SEO Snippet

Where can I edit the Social Media SEO snippet generated for the Studio?

I’m not sure where is coming from as I can’t find it on my profile.

Hey Toby, Pickaxe doesn’t expose this link preview text to Studio users yet. We plan to let you customize at some point.

Right now, I believe the preview is being generated from the general description you put in. And the banner photo becomes the preview.

Ok - I don’t know where to find/edit the description? I can’t find anywhere where i have put that in. Unlezs it’s picking it up from one of the pickaxes?

I have attached a screeenshot of how Mailerlite does the SEO optimisation for their sites.

This kind of thing is pretty important to ensure the studios hit maximum reach.

You’ll see there is:
SEO Description - For google crawlers
Social Meda - Optimised image and rich snippet text.

This is definitley essential with the promotion of the studios I want to create.