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Pickaxe Community Forum

Thanks for joining us! This is a pretty low-key place for prompt designers and AI enthusiasts to talk about Pickaxe, discuss prompts, and help each other out.

Here’s a quick map:

  • General is for asking questions about the products, introducing yourself, talking about what you’re working on, and anything else not covered by the other categories. We welcome self-promotion of Pickaxe-powered endeavors here as well, so feel free to talk about your business or how you’re using AI.

  • Prompt Help is for discussing prompt design. For help with prompts, discussions on beset practices, or a place to brag about your prompt techniques, go here.

  • Bugs / Site Issues is the place to go to report broken stuff! Bugs, errors, etc. Whenever you report a legitimate bug here, you’ll get 100 free credits to your Pickaxe account!

  • Customer Feedback is for giving us feedback on the product and making feature requests. Here you can make suggestions, request new features, tell us about confusing interface layouts, and more. Got a suggestion? Post it here.

Don’t know where to get started? Browse discussions that are already happening. When you find a post interesting, informative, or entertaining, use the :heart: to show your appreciation or support! If you need help or have a suggestion, feel free to post in General or contact the admins.


Just wanted to say loving this platform so far. The form builder is my favorite tool, just because it simplifies AI to my users. What’s your favorite tool?

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Thanks for the compliment! If you any questions or suggestions please feel free to post them here in the community.

I just got to know of Pickaxe just yesterday and fell in love with it straight away, even though i only used it for very basic testing, i can see it’s huge potential. I can’t wait to to rev it to it’s max and beyond.

By the way @mikegioia how did your presentation go?

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Our presentation went very well! Thank you for asking. You can watch it on our LinkedIn Page.

I’ve no idea where to plug in my open ai key or where the studio thing is. Any suggestions? :heart:

In each individual Pickaxe you can select to use Pickaxe standard or a custom api key.
Screenshot 2024-07-18 at 6.50.09 PM