Can we add videos to studio pages?

Hi, everyone, I was just wondering can we add or embed a video onto our studio landing page? If so are there any examples on here.

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Hey, I know you can embed youtube videos to the studio landing page. Were you asking about a video background though? Because I don’t think that is available yet.

Thanks for your reply @jojos, I was referring to videos in general, YouTube, Vimeo, MP4’s, to help bring my page to life. I see nowhere to embed a video in Studio. Do you have an image or link showcasing where a video could be embedded in Studio?

Yes - I would really love to add Loom Explainer Videos to each tool. Explaining how it is used. Some of my results have to be copied to the next tool after that. I want to explain the entire process. But youtube would be also of help.

Hey Boss, cool! This user’s studio has a youtube video embedded within the home page!

Yes you can add videos to your studios.

It’s very simple. In the “Info Section” of the landing page or in the home page, literally just paste the video URL into the page. The video will render. The reason it works on both of those pages is because they accept ‘markdown’.

Here’s a screenshot. That page will render the youtube video as an embedded youtube video.