Create account limitation

I am beta testing a pickaxe to small test groups at the moment and when I share the pickaxe for these users to trial, they are prompted to create an account (with pickaxe) after the 5th prompt from the GPT.

All feedback has been that they were frustrated they had to create an account then restart from the beginning

Is this create an account functionality the same when embedded into a website? (I havent tested it yet)

and… is there a way to avoid this? I understand its a fantastic way to get users onto an email list, but for the sake of customer satisfaction… PLEASE FIX THIS.

Ideally, I could share the private pickaxe link with someone to test, then they can test without having to create a pickaxe account. How can I get this resolution?


This is further explained in this blog post, but how it works is that when users use Pickaxes on our site, they use their own credits, and they get limited. When they use tools that are embedded, or provided through a studio, those uses count against the pickaxe owner’s credits, and so they won’t be prompted to sign up.

One way you can get around this is by adding your own API key, which (at present) will just use your API key and not limit customers, no matter where the tool gets used.

We don’t expect to change this system in the near future, as it helps us support a variety of use cases on our platform.

I hope this makes sense!

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