Custom API Error Message

I’m effectively utilizing an OpenAI Custom API for my chat, which is functioning well. However, the other OpenAI API I’m employing for the form is generating the following error message.

The first Key works fine for my Pickaxe chat, but the second doesn’t for the form.

This is my form, which now is using Pickaxe default Key so that I can test it:

When I change it to the Custom Key it errors.

What steps should I take to get the form to work with the key?

Thanks you!

This is a great question. As it mentions in the article linked in the error message, you have to have successfully paid OpenAI at least $5 before they’ll let you access GPT-4 and some of the other, better models.

A bunch of folks have this issue though so we’ll make an adjustment to the error message to make it more clear what to do!

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Thank you—Solved!

I had a paid version of ChatGPT 4, but not paid OpenAPI.

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