How to fix API Keys that dont have access to GPT-4 models

Some Pickaxe users have been encountering an error message because they’ve chosen a model (like GPT-4 Turbo) that their OpenAI API key does not have access to.

This is an easy issue to fix.

Why do you receive this error?
If you set up a brand new OpenAI account, create an API key, and then plug it into a Pickaxe that uses a GPT-4 model, sometimes this error occurs. OpenAI wants you to have at least a $5 billing history before they allow you access the more powerful models

How to fix it
To fix this issue, go into your OpenAI API billing and pre-pay $5. This is the easiest and quickest way to fix the issue. When you pre-pay, that means any API related costs (like running your pickaxe) will be deducted from that pre-payment.

The OpenAI billing page looks like this:

Then you can select a pre-payment plan:

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