Custom Domain Setup -- too many redirects

Wanted to document a recent problem from a customer.

They were facing a custom domain setup issue with their studio where the rule would throw an error “too many redirects”. They had set up both an A RECORD and CNAME records correctly. They had allowed plenty of time for the DNS to propagate correctly.

Adjust the SSL/TLS settings in Cloudflare. Specifically, change the SSL/TLS option to FULL resolved the issue. This setting ensures that the connection between Cloudflare and the server is encrypted, which appears to address the redirect problem effectively. Here’s a help article that explains the process more.

Hopefully this is helpful for any customers facing similar problems.

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This is super helpful!

It’s also helpful to remember that sometimes services like GoDaddy start with a lot of (more or less) junk in their DNS. If you’re having trouble, and aren’t using the domain for anything else, it can be a good idea to just delete all the existing DNS records!