Embedding studio into Community platform

Hi Devs.

I am trying to embed the studio into the kajabi community. Now everything works perfectly until a point. I can copy the studio link and paste it into the embed section of kajabi communities. The studio is then displayed when you click on a tab.

However, once you begin to use the studio, it prompts you to log in. The log ins, then dont load when you submit a request to join, sign in with google or create account.

SO I have tested the following methods:

  1. Pasting the link into the community chat allows any account to click on it and use the studio with 99999999999 uses left. (green tick, but it can be better)

The image attached is how I link your software to the course platform.

  1. Adding a single GPT Link provides the error message “Oops! This is the wrong embed link. Please use the link you can find in the embed section of your control panel.”

  2. Adding a single GPT Embed code Prompts you to click out of the course platform and it takes you to an error message saying “sorry you have been blocked”

  3. Adding the Studio Link brings up the studio inside the community (as shown in previous emails - BIG green tick) however, you cannot log in / use the suite. This is the same result for both private and public access and no limits on prompts.

Some of mikes responses

"the log-in shouldn’t be appearing like that. Not sure why it’s doing that. "

"Embedding the entire studio in a different domain is confusing our user-authentication system. A suggestion, for now, is to make a maxed out guest tier. Then users will not need to log in to use it in your system. "

Is it possible to resolve this issue?

I’m interested in this too. I tried to embed a studio page into another site and couldn’t get past the login page. I’m assuming this is because Studio sites cannot be embedded in the same way other pickaxe chats can?

We don’t currently support embeds of the studio anywhere. This is something we plan to support in the future, but it’s very tricky because it requires big adjustments to authentication.

On the other hand, we are about to support custom domains, which will allow complete white labeling, and once that is available we encourage you to link from Kajabi to your studio!

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Thanks Nathaniel! Can I get an ETA on when this will be available to link it to kajabi?

Excellent! This will be very useful.

Our goal for the present it to provide many of the core features that kajabi offers. That, combined with custom domains, should allow for a large degree of customization.