Help with document interpreter

Hello, I have an issue with my document interpreter ai (
I get the issue 'I’m sorry, but as an AI, I’m unable to access or analyze specific files or documents directly. However, you can share the text or the main points of the document with me, and I’ll be able to help answer questions or provide a summary based on that." Even though sometimes it works as intended and other times it doesn’t work.

Can someone help?
Thank you!

This is a small eccentricity of how document reading works under the hood.

Essentially, you can’t always say “What’s this document about?” and get an answer.

The system will look at keywords in your response and then search the document for anything that is semantically related and then read it to inform an answer. For example, let’s say your document is an essay on biochemistry and you just ask “what is it about?”, this may not be relevant to the document.

I would recommend going to the advanced settings and changing the “relevance threshold” to really low, like lower than 0.5. (see screenshot)

For a more detailed breakdown of how our document system works, you can check out this guide on put documents into AI tools.

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