May Forum Highlights

Here are some highlights from the forum over the last month. As the community forum becomes more active, we will try to create more guided posts like this one that can direct users to helpful discussions. Hopefully you find these helpful.

Deploying Tools
Posts about how to deploy tools on your own website or in a Studio:

  1. Setting up AI tools at a custom domain

  2. Embedding AI Tools onto a website

Building Better Tools
Discussions about the Pickaxe Builder and how to build better, more predictable tools.

  1. Training chatbots on youtube videos

  2. Creating an AI chatbot that follows multiple steps in a conversation

  3. Giving OpenAI API keys access to GPT-4 models

  4. Optimizing document uploads for knowledge base

Also of note, a Pickaxe user recently launched a website about how to make money with AI to aggregate information about how to build and maintain AI businesses. A lot of the website is about Pickaxe. We love to see this ecosystem grow and wish him the best!