Paid tier disappears

When I create my paid tier then make some edits to the other tiers, the paid tier disappears and I have to create it again. I would also love to understand how the checkout process works from a user end.

It only happens when I publish the studio

Hi @nwunbound ,

Just pushed a fix on this issue, thanks for the feedback!

Regarding the user checkout process, currently users should be able to upgrade to any specific paid tier by navigating to the accounts page. They can do so by clicking on their email located at the bottom of the sidebar. From there, they should click on the “Upgrade Account” button and select their desired tier.

Requirements to upgrade are the following:

  • User must be a member of the studio
  • Studio should have successfully connected their Stripe Connect account

Thanks stephen!

Another question, when the studio is on public, how do you add members via email address?

Im trying to use the “add users” section however it just gives me a link rather than the ability to add them as a member.

When they start using the studio as a guest I wont be able to upgrade them as guests dont appear on my screen.