Sorry. You do not have permission to access this pickaxe

Hey Everyone,

New pickaxe user here. Really loving everything this site has to offer. Kinda bumming myself out though because for several days I haven’t been able to resolve an issue. I like to figure things out myself but this is one i cannot figure for the life of me.

Whenever I add the html code to my website it keeps telling me this error no matter which way i upload it.

Sorry. You do not have permission to access this pickaxe.

I am a Gold member. It did this when I was on the free membership. So i thought upgrading would resolve this issue but it has not.

Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys!

The reason this issue is occurring is probably because you’ve listed the Pickaxe as “private” or you added a url in the “domain security” section.

Make sure it is public and there is domain security. That should likely solve the problem. If it doesn’t let me know. There are some other things we can try.