Studio - Preview shows list of chatbots in the body. But when published it doesn't?

When I do a preview of the Studio, I see that the chatbots are included automatically within the body of the studio page. However, when I publish and go to the link, the chatbots only appear on the left-hand menu, not within the main body.

I can do this with markdown but looks much better in preview mode.

The attached screenshot is in Preview Mode. When I go to the published link the chatbots do not display.

What is the expected behavior?

Hi @tobyai,

Initially, we wanted the pickaxe list to show only on mobile, but on the preview page, it was appearing on desktop too. Now, it won’t show on desktop view as intended. Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks for the quick reply. I’d like it to be on the desktop version too.

For the chatbots, I’d like to create a directory-type page. Where the chatbots are listed, alongside the description and other details.

I could do this in HTML but haven’t found a way in Markdown.

I have attached a quick mockup to give you an idea.

What do you think? Is this something that can be accommodated? Or is there a way I can do this kind of design in markdown?