Can I train my AI chatbots on youtube videos?

Hello forum! Can I train my chatbots to understand and transcribe content from youtube? I want to upload some knowledge videos from youtube to my chatbot to teach it about SEO.

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Hi Jojos,

Yes, you can. This is currently kind of an easter egg in our system, but if you use a link to a youtube video when you click the “Upload webpage” button in the builder, it will upload the transcript of the youtube video into your knowledge base. Give it a try!

Yes you can train your AI tools by adding youtube videos. It’s fairly simple, though not explicitly spelled out how to do it.

To add a youtube videos to the knowledge base of a tool, in the no-code chatbot builder go to the “Knowledge Base” section, click “Add Website” and paste a youtube link there.

The youtube video’s transcript will be scraped and add to the knowledge base of your tool. Importantly, it will not know the visual contents of the video unless that is reflected in the transcript.