Non coder wanting to create and embed Custom GPT Into Course site

Hi guys,

I love how exciting and fresh this community is. Just from reading the general queries, The admins seem to be super helpful and active, which is always a good sign. I own an online education business and I want to paywall my pickaxe. That is the easy part, as I can create a new offer on kajabi and paywall it that way. However, Is there a straightforward method to embedding the pickaxe behind the paywall? I have a web developer on my team so technical jargon can be passed to him, but a yes / no would be fantastic.

Also just following up on this note.

I have been engineering my prompt on openAI, and it has had around 80% consistency with gpt 4, however I was frustrated with the limit put in place. Copying my prompt across to pickaxe has meant it is yet to successfully work and will require new engineering. Can someone advise why it now doesnt work when I am using “gpt-4” when creating it in pickaxe?

Embedding a pickaxe on a website is pretty straightforward.

Here are the four steps;

  • Click on “manage” button on the Pickaxe
  • Click on “embed” button
  • Customize the Pickaxe design/look (optional!)
  • Then copy/paste the embed code into the destination.

Embedding works via iframes and works on pretty much all websites (Wix, Squarespace, Notion, Webflow, Discourse, Wordpress, Glide, etc.). I don’t specifically know about Kajabi, but I believe it should work like a breeze!You can read a more detailed walkthrough of embedding GPT-powered apps on websites here.

Additionally, Pickaxe is launching a new feature called Studio that will allow users to spin up web apps that can charge people per-use. It’s a great, more granular way to paywall Pickaxes. You can read more about it here.

I don’t quite follow the question about GPT-4 on Pickaxe. Did you use your own API key? I believe there was a thread here about that.