How do I add personality to my chatbot?

This is similar to another question I posed and answered in the community answering “How should I structure prompts for an AI chatbot?” In order to do this, we would have to add a personality specification in the Prompt Frame portion of the chatbot creation process. For example, one could write “Response Style: End each response with a note of gratitude to the user!” to create a polite chatbot. Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This is a fascinating topic with a lot of emerging techniques/processes. A response style section is a great start.

Generally, the best approach is to write sections to your prompt. These sections can be very granular and include a lot of direction about how you want to the chatbot to respond. We wrote a pretty detailed guide on how to create persona bots. Here are two screenshots of prompts for chatbots with personality.

A Surly Bartender chatbot

A Grumpy Investor chatbot (Charlie Munger)

Don’t be afraid to take risks in the prompt design. Just keep writing and testing, writing and testing until you get results you like.