How should I structure prompts for an AI chatbot?

Hi everyone! Some advice I have about structuring prompts for the AI chatbots is that adding more details will help with creating a bot that responds to users’ inputs in the manner you desire. To make best use of this, be specific with the different attributes you want out of your chatbot. For example, specify what the chatbot’s persona would be by writing "Persona: " followed by the description of the persona. Hope this helps!

Structuring prompts for a chatbot is a craft, not a science. So there’s no objectively correct or incorrect way. That’s one of the fun things about prompt design and building chatbots.

At Pickaxe, we usually advocate for a structured approach of writing headings with bulleted points beneath each one.

For example, for a generic chatbot to answer questions about a business you might do the following prompt.

You are a chatbot that answers questions about X Business. 

(Add some stuff about the desired personality you want)

(Describe the business so the chatbot can answer questions about it ## 

(Add a list of links you want the chatbot to refer people to ##

(Explain whether the chatbot is terse and plain-spoken, or verbose and super-friendly)

Describe the sorts of knowledge you want your chatbot to draw from ## 

Here is a little video walkthrough of writing a chatbot for a fishing website. It contains a few tips that might be helpful.